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Educate. Inspire. Give Back.

We always enjoy partnering with employers and alumni to educate our students about the importance of professionalism, networking, effective interviewing techniques, and more. And our students deeply appreciate the opportunity to learn from experienced professionals as they explore their career options.

Please consider becoming involved in one or more of the following ways:

Speak on a panel.

Throughout the academic year, our office hosts a variety of programs and panels, addressing different practice areas, legal trends, job search strategies, networking, and more. Consider speaking on one of these panels or giving a presentation about your area of law or career path. To volunteer, please contact Alyson Todd.

Serve as a mock interviewer.

Each summer, our office hosts a Practice Interview Evening, which brings alumni and other practicing attorneys to the school to conduct mock interviews with current students in advance of the fall recruiting season. These mock interviews give the students an opportunity to practice their skills and to receive constructive feedback from an experienced professional. We strive to include interviewers from all types of employers, including private practice, government, corporate, and public interest. To volunteer, please contact Alyson Todd.

Participate in our 1L Mentor Program.

This program offers law students the opportunity to learn about different practice areas and settings, day-to-day responsibilities and activities of lawyers, and other professionalism related matters.

If you are interested in volunteering for this valuable program, please contact Alyson Todd.

Host an extern through the EXPLOR Program or Attorney Practice Externship Program.

Welcome a student into your legal work place! Externships are mutually rewarding, and offer students the best learning opportunity.