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Planning Our Future

Change is occurring at a rapid pace in legal education, in the practice of law and in the economy. To meet the new demands occasioned by these continuing shifts, the School of Law’s Long-Range Planning Committee developed a 2013-2018 University of Baltimore School of Law Strategic Plan. The plan builds on the success of the 2005-2010 strategic plan and prepares the School of Law community to take full advantage of the new, state-of-the-art law center. It ensures that students are prepared for fulfilling professional lives in the 21st century and, for all law school constituencies, it brings four principal areas into focus: curriculum development, the cost of legal education, admissions and student career planning.

Committee Members

Jane Murphy, Chair
Professors: Richard Bourne, Fred Brown, Kimberly Brown, Eric Easton, Steven Grossman, Cassandra Havard, David Jaros, Elizabeth Keyes, Mortimer Sellers, Amy Sloan
Professor and Law Library Director: Will Tress 
Ex Officio: Claudia Diamond, Jill Green, Vicki Schultz, Jeffrey Zavrotny
Law Students' Representative: Angelica Bailey

The committee laid the groundwork for this effort in the spring of 2013, with extensive research and a series of programs designed to educate the School of Law community about best practices in curricular design and the evolving legal employment market for law graduates. In addition, the committee solicited feedback about the institution’s priorities from students, faculty and staff through forums and a widely distributed survey. Based on this work, the committee issued a preliminary report in May that identified the four areas of focus and then began a phase of intensified collaboration with students, faculty, staff and alumni.

School of Law's Mission and Vision Statement
Core Competencies