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Externship Application

Please submit the application to Externship Director Millicent Newhouse to have your placement approved.

Once your placement has been approved, you will receive a permission number that you can
use to register for the class online.

At the University of Baltimore School of Law, we offer a range of experiential learning opportunities. Our legal externship programs is an essential component. Getting hands-on experience, strengthening legal skills, building professional connections in the legal community and giving back through public service are just a few benefits. Law students have the opportunity to extern in a variety of legal settings, including courtrooms, private firms, legal services organizations, nonprofits and government agencies.

Attorney Externships

Employer Field Placement Application

If you are an employer interested in hosting a University of Baltimore School of Law extern, please review the program requirements and submit the application, below, by email or fax (410.837.4696) to the Director of Externships, Millicent Newhouse at

We also encourage you to post your opportunity on our student job board.

Do you want to see the law in action and test your knowledge? Apply for one of our enriching Attorney Externships. With more than 100 organizations participating year-round, these externships allow students to work in the field and complete substantive legal assignments under the supervision of an experienced attorney. Students extern in every legal sector: private, public interest and nonprofit, as well as local, state and federal government.

Judicial Externships

Get to know the legal system from the inside. Apply for a judicial externship—an unforgettable and invaluable experience for any aspiring attorney. Students extern with judges at the state and federal level for trial courts, appellate courts and administrative courts.

EXPLOR Program

Our innovative Experience in Legal Organizations (EXPLOR) Program places students in a legal externship the summer after their first year of law school. Students get their first real legal experience by shadowing judges and attorneys in the government, nonprofit, public interest and private sectors.

SEC Student Honors Program 

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has a Student Honors Program. Interested students should apply directly to the SEC.

Advanced Externship

The Advanced Externship for those who have completed the Attorney Practice or Judicial course. It does not have a classroom component but all the other requirements still apply including journal assignments, timekeeping, and individual meetings with the instructor.