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Faculty members at the University of Baltimore School of Law are invested in your education and in your success. Whether lecturing during first-year courses, assisting with writing in a seminar class, or working with you and clients in our clinics, UB's law professors will provide you with the foundational skills and knowledge you need to be a successful practicing attorney.

The School of Law ranked 39th in the country in December 2013 in the number of legal scholarship articles downloaded from the Social Science Research Network.  Each faculty member's profile provides you with articles maintained by SSRN that can easily be accessed and downloaded. 

The faculty are leaders in their areas of law, as evident in their scholarship, lectures, symposia and public appearances. At the same time, they know the importance of being available to their students. When you want to discuss courses, exams, externships and job opportunities, you'll find your professor’s open-door policy and welcoming attitude a real sign of support. Students often cite their relationships with professors as a top reason for their enjoyment of the academic experience here.

The School of Law’s full-time professors and administrators are joined each year by an impressive group of visiting lecturers and adjunct professors, many of whom are practicing lawyers and public officials well-known in the legal community for their extensive legal expertise. The amount of adjunct instruction varies by semester based on the course offerings. Together, UB School of Law professors provide a range and depth of knowledge that empowers students in innumerable ways.

The faculty profiles on these pages provide you with professors' academic and professional backgrounds, their scholarship and basic information about the classes they teach, as well as syllabi. For additional information about a particular faculty member’s course, visit Westlaw TWEN or LexisNexis Blackboard to see if your professor has created a course listing.