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Regardless of your career plans, success in law school is the foundation on which your future will be built. The academic support program is a collaborative effort among law school administrators, faculty and students to help you develop the critical skills necessary to become an effective law student, and, ultimately, a top flight lawyer. 

Services Offered

One-on-one meetings: Individual meetings enable students to gain insights into their academic strengths and weaknesses as well as explore in confidence in a non-judgmental setting any other concerns that may be affecting learning. Schedule a meeting here.

Skills Workshops: Open to all students and offered throughout the year, workshops in small group settings address such topics as briefing, note-taking, outlining, multiple-choice test taking, and exam essay writing. Additional topics pertaining to life as a law student are also offered.

Peer Support:  the Law Scholar and Teaching Scholar Programs

Writing Assistance

If permitted by instructor, students can seek guidance in the writing process. 45 minute sessions focus on organization, research strategies, grammar, editing and consistency.

Feedback on Practice Exams

The Academic Support program provides students with practice problems or entire tests and then substantively critiques written responses either privately or in a group setting. An assessment of test preparation methods can also be done. Schedule a meeting here.