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You are an integral part of our law school community.

University of Baltimore School of Law graduates are a crucial and integral part of our law school community. We are grateful for your continuing commitment and generosity as you contribute your time, talents and resources.

Being a lawyer, we would learn, was to embark on a lifelong series of daily challenges, entrusted with finding solutions that would make a difference in the life of someone willing to put those challenges in your hands. UB uncovered the practical side of law, in an almost clinical approach, underscoring the need to focus attention on the single, exclusive importance of each and every case in turn.

Nathaniel C. Fick Jr., J.D. '75

We hope that you will keep us up to date as you celebrate new milestones in your career. Please use the alumni update form to let us know about your news or updates on your contact information. We look forward to hearing from you!