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What does the Sayra and Neil Meyerhoff Center for Families, Children and the Courts do?

Panelist Gina Wood with CFCC Senior Fellow Gloria Danziger at the 2011 Urban Child Symposium

Panelist Gina Wood (Director of Policy and Planning, Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies) with CFCC Senior Fellow Gloria Danziger at the 2011 Urban Child Symposium, one of CFCC's annual conferences.

As a national leader in the movement to reform the family justice system, CFCC is generates policy initiatives, prepares action-oriented reports and projects, and provides educational programs that focus on relationships among parents, children and the judiciary.

 CFCC engages in the following activities to support the center's overarching principles 

  • Strategic Planning

    • Help jurisdictions create, implement, or improve their Unified Family Courts.
    • Formulate performance standards and measures to assess a Unified Family Court's operation.
    • Analyze case data to evaluate family court effectiveness.
    • Assist jurisdictions to identify and adopt promising family law and family court practices
  • Training and Technical Assistance

  • Evaluation

    • Develop outcome and peformance measures
    • Collect and analyze case data
    • Develop and administer surveys
    • Produce evaluations and recommendations for future implementation
  • Conferences

    Jurisdictions grappling with family justice system reform benefit from sharing information.

    CFCC convenes conferences for the judicial, legal, and court communities on the latest developments and initiatives in the field.

    In addition to conferences, see the full list of CFCC's workshops and trainings.

  • Reports


 For a full list of CFCC's materials, visit CFCC's Publications page.