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CFCC's Unified Family Court Connection


You're invited to read the nation's only newsletter dedicated to unified family courts.

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Read the 2015 Summer Edition of the Unified Family Court Connection, available now!

As a growing number of families enter the court systems nationwide, the creation of problem-solving courts and expanded judicial training have helped address the needs of families and children in a more holistic and therapeutic way. The newsletter explores the following topics:

  • the importance of science training for judges to help them address behavioral issues ("Tools of Science Become Instruments for Justice," by Judge Ronald A. Silkworth);
  • stopping the cycle of domestic violence ("The Importance of Stopping the Cycle of Domestic Violence," by Kertisha L. Dixon, Esq.);
  • utilizing the therapeutic approach in courts ("Creating a Therapeutic Unified Family Court System: Lessons from a Mental Health Court Judge," by Judge Ginger Lerner-Wren);
  • the shift to problem-solving courts ("Problem-Solving Courts Providing Effective Resolution of Cases in Maryland," by Gray Barton).
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