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University of Baltimore School of Law in conjunction with University of Haifa Faculty of Law

Haifa housing

Dormitory suites at Haifa University (including private rooms and baths and a common kitchen and dining area) will be available from Sunday, July 5 to Sunday, Aug. 2, 2015.

Accommodations in Jerusalem will be at a hotel located near the Old City.

Haifa Dormitory Courtyard


Except for breakfast in Jerusalem (provided by the hotel), meals are the students' responsibility. Food is readily available at various shops and cafeterias on campus, all of which are kosher.

Numerous nearby cafes and restaurants offer a variety of cuisines, including vegetarian, Chinese, Italian and traditional Middle Eastern foods.

 For more information contact:
Prof. Kenneth Lasson, Director, Haifa Summer Law Institute (410.837.4514)
Laurie Schnitzer, Program Coordinator (Phone: 410.837.4689, Fax: 410.837.4560)