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School of Law

Research Initiatives

Research Initiatives at the Center

Public International Law

  • Human Rights Initiative

    The Human Rights Initiative promotes the study, understanding and implementation of universal human rights, as embodied in international treaties, regional agreements, and customary international law. This initiative considers the nature and basis of universal human rights and fundamental freedoms, and encourages their equal realization for all persons and nations.

  • Democratic Institutions Initiative

    The Democratic Institutions Initiative studies and encourages the institutional development of democracy in national and international institutions. This initiative specifically considers the nature of the rule of law and the constitutional, administrative, and legislative processes that support democratic reform and a just legal order.

  • Environmental Law Initiative

    The Environmental Law Initiative advances the development of international environmental standards and agreements, with special emphasis on climate change and biological diversity.

International Business and Economic Law

  • Competitive Markets Initiative

    The Competitive Markets Initiative considers the development of national and international markets, with special emphasis on how national antitrust, trade and foreign investment laws and policies affect industrial competitiveness and the welfare of consumers. This initiative promotes improved international and national markets through the comparison of existing rules and legal systems. .

  • Intellectual Property Initiative

    The Intellectual Property Initiative promotes the study, understanding, and implementation of international protection for intellectual property rights. This initiative compares different national regimes and encourages the improvement of international institutions.

  • Commercial Transactions Initiative

    The Commercial Transactions Initiative focuses on the international regulation of commercial transactions between private parties, and between private parties and foreign governments, with special emphasis on the sale of goods under international, national, and multilateral agreements.