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To use the University of Baltimore wireless network, laptops must have a 802.11b/g or 802.11n wireless network card. 802.11n cards are backward compatible so they will work, but at the 802.11g speed of 54mb/sec.

If you are interested in purchasing a new computer the recommended minimum specifications are:


IntelĀ® Core 2 Duo Processor T7250 (2.00GHz) w/ 2MB of L2 Cache, 800 MHZ FSB

Operating System

Windows 7 or later

Memory (minimum)


Hard Drive

128GB Hard Drive, 7200RPM (a solid state drive is highly recommended)

Optical Drive - Modular

8X max DVD+/- RW Combination Drive

Wireless LAN (802.11)

802.11b/g WLAN miniPCI Card

Hardware Support Services

3 Year On-Site

Screen sizes can very upon price as well as DVD/CD specifications.

Only Windows 7 and later, and Mac OS X versions Mavericks (OS X 10.9) and later are currently supported by our exam software.