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Legal hiring is relationship driven . . .

As part of the Legal Professional Development Institute (LPDI), the 30 Minute Mentoring Program offers you the opportunity to get trained in how to conduct an informational interview, and then practice what you learn in the real world.

After attending the required training session, you will be able to pick two attorneys from a list of volunteer '30 Minute Mentors' and have informational interviews with them at their offices.

An informational interview is a chance to learn about different practice areas and settings, the day-to-day responsibilities and activities of lawyers, and other professionalism-related matters so that you can develop and refine your job search strategy. In the process, you will also develop relationships in the legal community and build your vitally important professional network.

The program is only open to students participating in LPDI. You can register today by completing the Legal Professional Development Institute Registration Form.