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School of Law

Library Policies

Library Policies

  • Who can reserve carrels in the library?

    Carrels around the Library are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

  • Who May Borrow Materials

    The Law Library loans materials to current students, faculty and staff of the University of Baltimore and other campuses in the University System of Maryland and Affiliated Institutions (USMAI) consortium. The consortium includes the following institutions:

    • Bowie State University (BSU)
    • Coppin State College (CSC)
    • Frostburg State University (FSU)
    • Morgan State University (MSU)
    • St. Mary's College of Maryland (SMCM)
    • Salisbury State University (SU)
    • Towson State University (TU)
    • University of Maryland, Baltimore (UMAB)
    • University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC)
    • University of Maryland, Center for Environmental Science (UMCES)
    • University of Maryland, College Park (UMCP)
    • University of Maryland, Eastern Shore (UMES)
    • University of Maryland, University College (UMUC)

    Books borrowed from any USMAI library may also be returned at any USMAI library. If you are affiliated with the University of Baltimore School of Law and borrow items from other campuses, you are subject to the circulation policies and fines imposed by the lending USMAI library, not the University of Baltimore Law Library. Fines and charges must be paid to the lending USMAI library.

    To become a registered borrower, you must have a USMAI I.D., validated for the current semester. Non-UB students should register at their home campus.

    You need to register only once to be able to borrow at all campuses. However, the length of time your registration is valid varies from campus to campus. Registration for current UB Law students is valid for approximately one semester.

    The Law Library extends borrowing privileges to University of Baltimore and UMBC alumni. (University of Baltimore alumni should obtain an alumni card from the Alumni Services Office for verification purposes.)

  • Loan Periods, Renewals and Recalls

    Materials loaned to University of Baltimore and other USMAI students, as well as University of Baltimore Law adjunct faculty, are due approximately at the end of the current semester. These patrons may renew items twice.

    University of Baltimore and UMBC alumni may borrow University of Baltimore Law Library items for 21 days and renew them up to three times. (University of Baltimore alumni should obtain an alumni card from the Alumni Services Offices for verification purposes.)

    All borrowers may renew items either online, by phone or in person.

    Circulating materials are subject to recall if requested by another patron. Borrowers are required to return recalled items within 14 days of notification.

  • Fines & Charges

    Each library in USMAI charges overdue fines and fees in accordance with that institution's policies. The University of Baltimore Law Library maintains the following schedule of fines and charges:

    • Regular circulating books: $.25/day; $10 maximum per book
    • Lost books: $100 
    • Reading Room Reserves:  UB Faculty/Staff/Students only.  Due:  2 hours from time of checkout, or end of day, whichever comes first (4 hours for digital / A/V materials).  Fines:  $2.50/hr. to a maximum of $125 per item.

  • Computer Labs

    There are two Student Computer Labs located on the ninth floor of the Law Library, in Rooms 910 and 911.The labs are open during 7 am to 1 am.  Only current faculty, students and staff may use the labs. Users must obtain a network computer account from Room 002 in the Business Center. There is currently no policy in effect for reserving time on the computers in the labs. 

  • Conference Rooms

    Law Student can now reserve study rooms online! 

    How create an account on the VEMS system
    How to reserve a group study room

    - Library conference rooms can only be reserved by groups of 2 or more University of Baltimore Law students, faculty and staff.

    - Students cannot make same-day reservations.

    - Reservations must be made by 7:00 PM the day before.

    - Reservations are for a maximum of 4 hours.

    - Students may not make recurring reservations.

    - Students may make reservations up to 3 days ahead of time.

    - 9th floor rooms cannot be reserved.


  • Noise

    The Law Library is for serious research and study. Patrons are expected to maintain a quiet atmosphere by refraining from loud conversation in all areas of the library. Persons disturbing other patrons, whether by talking to a neighbor or on a cell phone, will be asked to take their conversations to a library conference room, to the cell phone booth on the 3rd Floor, the phone booth on the 4th Floor, or to the lobby outside the library.

  • Reference Policy

    • Reference services are available to faculty, students and staff of the University of Baltimore, the Baltimore legal community, and the general public. (Reference services to faculty are described in the faculty manual.) Reference librarians will provide assistance in identifying and locating sources of information, but will NOT conduct actual research or provide legal advice. We can answer factual questions and questions about where to start or continue research, such as:
    • What is the phone number of the Maryland Court of Appeals?
    • Does the library own Pleading Causes of Action in Maryland?
    • What does the abbreviation “F.R.D.” stand for?
    • On the internet, where would I look for recently enacted federal legislation?
    • Where would I begin researching an issue on social security?
    • Is there a book on employment law in Maryland?

    We cannot conduct actual research, provide legal advice or interpret cases and statutes. Some examples of this are:

    • What is the statute of limitations for an automobile accident?
    • What does this case mean?
    • Does this mean I can sue the bank?
  • Reshelving

    Books should be treated with care and should be reshelved after use as a courtesy for other users. Books “saved” overnight on tables and in carrels will be reshelved without prior notice. Law students please note:the following conduct constitutes a violation of the Law School Honor Code:

    .... Misuse of any Library materials, of any description whatever, by intentionally marking, mutilating, hiding or damaging them, or by removing them from the Library without authorization by the Library staff. (Article IV 4)