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School of Law

Journal of International Law

The University of Baltimore Journal of International Law is a scholarly legal journal providing in depth analysis of international and comparative law and policy issues.

Topics include international law, law of nations, comparative law, treaty law, law of armed conflict, U.S. foreign policy, the law of international organizations, international trade law, international arbitration, international environmental law, and human rights and humanitarian law. This journal has the great fortune of being devoted to a topic area that is expanding quickly in a more globalized world. The Journal of International Law publishes articles by legal practitioners, judges, and international scholars. The journal also publishes online. In addition, two student comments, and two recent case notes are published per year. The increased prominence of international law issues allows the Journal of International Law to focus on a vastly complex and ever changing legal landscape as well as to provide legal analysis of changes to international law.  

To submit an article, please contact the Editor-in-Chief.

Journal of International Law Executive Board, Vol. III:
Editor-in-Chief: Justin Tepe
Managing Editor: Lindsay Stallings
Production Editor: Susan Goebel-Nolan
Articles Editor: Erienne Sutherell
Submissions Editor: Clark Smith
Comments Editor: Natalie Krajinovic
Production Editor: Maria del Pilar Zegarra
Assistant Production Editor: Nicole Rush
Emerging Issues Editor: Christian Noble
Outreach & Technology Editor: Andres Meraz

Associate Editors
Ashley Jones
Julianne Kelly
Shawn Lopez
Anielle Makon
Nora Truscello

Staff Editors
Katherine Adams, Alex Adler, Kymberleigh Albites, Alison Aminzadeh, Julia Brent, Laurie Culkin, Suzanne De Deyne, Ruby Devine, Kaitlin Evans, Kimberly Frazier, Carisa Hatfield, Timothy Jarman, Erin Maze, Katherine McNally, Jenny Melendez, Victoria Narducci, Alexandra Rickart, Christopher Stock, Raiven Taylor

Faculty Adviser:  Mortimer Sellers