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Seeking Membership on the Law Review, Law Forum and The Journal of Land & Development?

The Consolidated Write-On Competition is the method by which students may apply to be part of one of the School of Law's publications. Students will prepare one submission that will be considered by the publications students request. 

What will you do? 

You will be asked to write a “case note” on a recently decided case. This case note will be a maximum of 20 pages long, consisting of, at most, 10 pages of text and 10 pages of endnotes. You will not know the topic of the case note until you receive your petitioning packet.

In addition to the case note, you will be required to complete an editing exercise. The purpose of this exercise is to evaluate your ability to recognize grammatical, stylistic and citation errors. This assignment is similar to the citation exercises that you completed in your first semester of law school.

The Write-On packets are in PDF format. You must have Adobe Acrobat Reader in order to view or print a file in .pdf format.

Download the free Acrobat Reader here:

Get Adobe Acrobat Reader

Once you download the packet you may not use any outside materials except those listed in the packet.