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School of Law

Honor Code

  Advisor: Rebecca Bainum, Director of Academic Services

Be Ethical. Be Responsible.

Students at the University of Baltimore School of Law must exhibit high standards of academic and professional responsibility.This includes adhering to the School of Law Honor Code.

Cover of the 2014 Honor Code

A new version of the University of Baltimore Honor Code was adopted in the Fall 2013 and went into effect in January 2014.

The Honor Code is maintained by the Honor Board, a group of students and faculty members who work to promote professionalism at the School of Law. The Honor Board educates the Law School community about the principles of the Honor Code and implements the Honor Code procedures when violations are alleged.

Have more questions? Find more information in Honor Code FAQs.

Process Aide for 2014-2015

Professor Amy Dillard is the designated Process Aide for 2014-2015.   Each year, the Dean appoints a full-time faculty member to serve as a “Process Aide” for students who are involved in Honor Code proceedings. At the student’s request, the Process Aide will provide information about the Honor Code process and alternatives available at each stage. The Process Aide is not the student's attorney.

Honor Board Members

2014-2015 Chair: Erin Hanrahan

Day students: Erin Carroll, Susan Goebel - Nolan,  Erin Hanrahan, Nida Kanwal, Marie Long, Kurt Schwab
Evening students: Gina Dyson,  Gregory Miller

New Honor Board members are selected in the Fall. Members are expected to be available for monthly meetings and to serve in various capacities when a complaint is filed. Applications will be available in the fall.