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If you're interested in transferring to the School of Law, here's what you should know:

  • We welcome your applicationyou will apply directly through the Office of Law Admissions.
  • You will be invited to an orientation session in August where you will meet other new transfer students.
  • You must be in good academic standing at the school that you are currently attending.
  • You may receive credit for work that you completed at your current school (C or better), and you possibly can receive up to 29 credits (1/3 of the total number of credits needed to graduate here).
  • If you have already completed your second year of law study at your current school, you are ineligible to transfer here. 
  • Your GPA, for purposes of honors at graduation and class rank, will be computed on the work you complete here and at the school from which you transferred.
  • Upon transferring here, you must meet with an adviser in the Office of Academic Affairs who will review the School of Law's course requirements and develop a course plan with you.