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Becoming a Teaching Assistant in the Legal Skills Program.

Upper-level students who serve as teaching assistants play a vital role in the Law School's first year Legal Skills Program, which consists of four courses: Introduction to Lawyering Skills/Criminal Law, Introduction to Lawyering Skills/Torts, Introduction to Lawyering Skills/Civil Procedure I, and Introduction to Advocacy.  During the summer,  teaching assistants help with the preparation of research and writing exercises. In the fall they instruct a small section of first-year students in legal analysis and legal research or other duties prescribed by the assigned Introduction to Lawyering Skills faculty member.  In the spring, their work includes helping students prepare for oral arguments.  Teaching assistants do not receive academic credit for their service, but are paid for a full academic year or, in some cases, for one semester only.  For more information or to apply to be a teaching assistant, please contact Leslie Metzger.