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I would like to make an appointment with a Writing Fellow. How do I do this?

The Legal Writing Center is open to any currently enrolled law student. All appointments are currently scheduled using the university's online booking system here. Please book your appointment at least two full business days. Once you have logged into the online appointment system, please make sure to select the calendar called “Legal Writing Fellows" to make an appointment with a legal writing fellow. Appointments typically last from forty-five minutes to one-hour.  On the day of your appointment, you will meet your Legal Writing Fellow on the 8th floor of the law school.  You will receive a reminder email before your appointment.  Have questions about this? Email the Legal Writing Center here. 

What writing will the Writing Center Fellows work on with me? What can I expect during the appointment?

You may, with your professor's permission, use the services of the Legal Writing Fellows for any writing related to your work as a student in the University of Baltimore School of Law. This includes your seminar papers, writing samples for interviews, clinic and workshop writing, and legal memos and trial court papers in your ILS or ITA classes. Writing Fellows can assist you with all stages of the writing process, but they will not rewrite your papers or necessarily read every page of your draft. Here's what you can expect:

  • assistance in organizing your paper and outlining your subtopics
  • increasing readability and understanding of what you wrote
  • grammar and syntax issues

Your Writing Fellow will help you with making sure that a reader can understand what you want to convey. His or her feedback will assist you in recognizing areas where your writing may not be as clear and concise as required, and he or she will assist you in learning how to revise your paper when these issues arise. You will learn how to be your own best editor.

What should I bring? And how should I prepare for the appointment?

Make sure you email your paper to your Writing Fellow at least 24 hours before your appoinment.  You also need to bring a copy of your paper with you. Before you meet with your Writing Fellow, you will want to read your paper and think about any specific issues or areas that you want to address with your Writing Fellow and let him or her know. Be prepared to do some work on your draft paper during the appointment, but also to work on it further after you leave.

Where can I find the Legal Writing Center? 

Currently, the Legal Writing Center is using Room 807 in the law school. You will meet your Writing Fellow there when you have an appointment.