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School of Law

J.D./M.S. in Negotiations & Conflict Management

With the approval of the Law School's Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and prior to registering for a graduate College of Liberal Arts (CLA) course, a student in this combined degree program shall be permitted to apply up to nine credits of elective credits 600 level and above in the CNCM courses toward the 87 credits required for the Law School's J.D. degree (effective beginning with December 2009 graduates). Such decisions shall be made on a case-by-case basis. A Law School student in this joint program can apply towards the M.S. degree up to nine credits of Law School courses [other than Evidence (LAW 651), Professional Responsibility (LAW 652) and Criminal Law (LAW 604)] that are listed as Advanced Perspectives Courses for the M.S. degree program. If the degrees are not completed concurrently, then only six credits will be applied towards the JD.

A limited number of non-law school students who are candidates for the M.S. degree in Negotiations and Conflict Management and who have secured the permission of the Law School's Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and the individual law school instructor, may take law school courses which are listed by the College of Liberal Arts under the heading of “Advanced Perspective Courses” for this M.S. degree. These students will be expected to meet the same standards of class performance as their law school counterparts.

( Note: A professor may inform the Law School's Associate Dean for Academic Affairs if he/she will not, under any circumstances, include non-law school students in his/her classroom or may discuss with him/her in advance under what particular circumstances he/she would accept such non-law students in his/her classes, as a means of simplifying administration of this policy.)