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School of Law

Using the Catalog, Indexes and Databases


THE ON-LINE CATALOG has library holdings for the Law Library as well as all the libraries in the University System of Maryland. Sign on as “guest” then choose University of Baltimore Law, the entire University System of Maryland (a combined catalog), or some other individual campus within the system.

Searches are entered as a single word or a string of words separated by spaces. Multiple words are searched as “and” terms in a Boolean search: all words must appear, exactly as spelled, in a catalog entry in order to retrieve it. You may choose a “Word” search which looks for your terms anywhere in the catalog record, or, separately, in the title, subject headings, or author fields. A “Browse” search is also available, if you know the first part of the title, subject, author's last name or call number.


LEGALTRAC is a database of citations to legal periodical articles from 1980 to present. This database is found on Westlaw (LRI), Lexis (Lawrev/ LGLIND) using the search engines provided by those services. It is also available in the paper volumes of the Current Law Index, shelved on the index table, and in electronic format via the “Virtual Reference Shelf” on the Law Library's webpage: Log in to Research Port from the homepage then select Legaltrac from the list of databases.

INDEX TO LEGAL PERIODICALS is an older index to law journals that provides coverage from before 1900 to present, and lists articles in broader subject groups than Legaltrac. (Thus ILP will group a large number of citations under one heading, while Legaltrac might assign them to several more specific subjects). The paper version of the Index to Legal Periodicals is shelved on the index table. An on-line version, with coverage beginning in 1980, is available via Research Port on the Law Library's home page.

INDEX TO FOREIGN LEGAL PERIODICALS, which began in 1960, is available in bound volumes on the Index table, and as a database via Research Port, with coverage beginning in 1985.


In addition to the usual legal sources on Lexis and Westlaw, a number of law-related and non-legal databases are available to researchers. Some are provided through the Lexis and Westlaw services, and others can be found on the Law Library's web page.

Lexis has full-text newspapers from around the country as well as several foreign newspapers. Business news and information on specific companies is also available. International coverage, both legal and general news is especially good. Treatises, Restatements, Model Acts, practice materials and forms are found under Secondary Legal.

Westlaw also has good national newspaper coverage. It also provides access to a wide variety of business and scientific journal indexes via the Dialog gateway (found under databases listed by provider); sources include Environmental Bibliography, Mental Health Abstracts, Philosopher's Index and Public Opinion Online. Forms, treatises, Restatements and Model Acts are also available under Forms, treatises, CLE and other Practice Materials.

Research Port is a web-based database service from the University System of Maryland. The Law Library's subscriptions include Congressional Universe (index of documents from the U.S. Congress), BNA-All, Hein Online (a retrospective collection of over 500 law reviews, Legal Classics and English Reports among other things), and Worldcat (records of all books cataloged by the Library of Congress and other research libraries). A mostly full-text collection of general periodicals articles is found in Academic Search/EBSCO. Ready Reference Shelf provides directory information for associations, research centers, publishers and databases.

These and other Research Port databases can be accessed from the PCs in the Law Library labs, or from home using the Library's bar code on your i.d. as a password. A slightly different group of databases, selected by Langsdale Library, appears in Langsdale's Research Port page when accessed from one of the other PC labs on campus.

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