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Now you can attend class online in real time. You can also access recordings of classes or attend class in person -- or all of the above. It's up to you!

New flat tuition rate: $979 per credit for in- and out-of-state students*

Interested in a career as a tax practitioner or want to learn more about taxation? The University of Baltimore's Graduate Tax Program is your ticket to success. Offered jointly by the University of Baltimore School of Law and the Merrick School of Business, the master’s program provides the broad training necessary for today’s tax practitioners and allows lawyers and accountants to interact.

*Fees are additional.


In the program, you will:

  • acquire a comprehensive understanding of federal tax law and hone your ability to analyze tax statutes and regulations
  • sharpen your research and writing skills
  • learn from full-time School of Law faculty, prominent practitioners in the Baltimore-Washington area, Internal Revenue Service officials and U.S. Tax Court judges
  • attend classes weekday evenings -- or take part online in real time or access recordings of classes. 

LL.M. in Taxation for lawyers 

You may receive up to 15 hours of credit toward the LL.M. in Taxation for tax courses taken as part of your J.D. program. 

You may earn a Certificate in Estate Planning in conjunction with the LL.M. in Taxation for no extra cost. 

Click here to apply to the LL.M. in Taxation program. We have waived the application fee for you.

M.S. in Taxation for accountants 

The M.S. in Taxation program fulfills the 150-hour education requirement for a Certified Public Accountant license in Maryland. 

Click here for an application to the M.S. in Taxation program.


Since 1987, hundreds of professionals have benefited from the advanced tax training provided by the graduate program, the only one of its kind in Maryland.

The Graduate Tax Program was created in response to the increasing complexity of the field and its critical impact on the effective management of business, financial, industrial, governmental and nonprofit organizations. The courses are geared toward tax advisers in the legal and accounting professions and those who are involved in developing fiscal policy and managing public and nonprofit organizations. The program not only prepares students for careers as professional tax advisers, but also sharpens their knowledge and skills through a sophisticated, challenging educational environment.

Develop Essential Knowledge and Skills

With this degree, you will be able to respond to the increasing complexity of the field of taxation and its critical impact on the effective management of business, financial, industrial, governmental and nonprofit organizations. The program trains competent tax specialists to serve the needs of Maryland’s legal, accounting and business communities and provides you with:

• a solid knowledge base in federal tax law, including an understanding of tax policies and principles

• skills to understand and analyze complex tax statutes, tax regulations and related cases and rulings

• techniques for analyzing and resolving issues involving federal tax law, including identifying problems, researching and locating relevant law, and applying the legal rules to facts to arrive at conclusions

• the ability to communicate effectively, both verbally and in writing, your tax research and analysis to clients, co-workers and the wider community of tax professionals.

Law-Business Synergy

Offering the program jointly through the School of Law and Merrick School of Business provides the broad training needed by today's tax practitioners. It also permits lawyers and accountants to interact, providing a richer experience for both. Our students benefit from the caliber of their classmates, most of whom are working professionals seeking career enhancement or advancement.

Expert, Experienced Faculty

The faculty who teach in the program are not only experts in tax; they are also experienced teachers who know how to lead students through a challenging and rewarding curriculum.  Included among the graduate tax faculty are full-time School of Law faculty, prominent practitioners in the Baltimore-Washington area, IRS officials and judges with the U.S. Tax Court.

Geared to Working Professionals

To meet the busy schedules of working lawyers and accountants, classes are offered on weekday evenings. Moreover, students can take classes online in real time -- which allows them to participate in discussions with professors and fellow students -- or they can access recordings of classes, or attend in person. Students generally take one or two classes per semester and can complete either degree on a part-time basis in two to three academic years. Regular attendance and active class participation are essential to success in the program.

Tuition and Other Charges

LL.M. and M.S. students pay the same tuition and fees, which are set by the Board of Regents of the University System of Maryland. Tuition and fees are subject to change. Get current tuition information (scroll down to the Taxation/Estate Planning tab).