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Class Preparation (Reading, Note-Taking, Case Briefing)
Understanding and Memorizing Rules of Law
Outlining and Case Synthesis (Understanding the Big Picture)
Study Strategies and Time Management
Exam-Taking Skills
Writing and Grammar

To help us help you, please indicate which, if any, of the following you do to prepare for class and write an answer to the below question:

  Action Class(es) How often?
Attend LAW Scholar Sessions
Create Your Own Outline
Study with a Group
Meet with Professor(s)
Attend Academic Support Workshops
Meet with Academic Support
CALI Lessons

Describe with specificity how you prepare for class (include: how much time you spend on each course, where you read and study, what study methods you use. Did you prepare differently for different classes? What else do you want us to know?:

Please provide any other thoughts or information about your academic performance or needs.

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