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The ILS Journal of International Law

In October of 2009, the International Law and Policy Group, a 14-student research initiative created by the International Law Society, decided to take it upon themselves to establish the University of Baltimore School of Law's first student-run international law journal.* The goal of The ILS Journal of International Law is to contribute to the dissemination of ideas and legal philosophies throughout the world and to provide a forum for the analysis of the most pressing issues confronting the 21st century international practitioner. In addition, it will give the UB Law student body, eager for ever greater access to international law, the opportunity to work for, manage, and even write for an international law publication. The journal will be online (website pending) and subscription to the journal will be free.**

The first issue is scheduled for completion on April 26th. The theme of this first issue is “Conflicts Between International and Domestic Responsibility.” It will feature firstly pieces written by scholars and practitioners. It will also include four articles written by the International Law and Policy Group. Finally, it will publish the winner of the annual CICL Essay Contest.


The ILS Journal of International Law invites all prospective authors to submit articles for publication in our upcoming issue. We seek articles discussing issues in a manner that is thought-provoking, well written, and timely. At the same time, we ask that submissions please accord with the theme of the issue. As the journal is online and therefore free of many time constraints that traditional print publishing involves, we are willing to accept submissions until April 1st.

In addition, The ILS Journal of International Law is willing to accept submissions written by law students. Thus, if a law student wishes to submit an article for publication, we will be happy to consider it. However, law students should keep in mind that works submitted by legal scholars and practitioners will receive significantly more attention at this time as we attempt to get the journal off the ground and provide our readership with the highest-quality product possible.

All submissions should be emailed to Works should be in standard Microsoft Word doc format and citations should be in accordance with The Blue Book: A Uniform System of Citation (18th Ed.). In your email, please include an abstract and either a curriculum vitae or resume.

Thank you for your interest in The ILS Journal of International Law. If you have any questions, please submit them to or directly to ILS at  Visit the Journal site at

* This is not to say that the university has no international law journals. Ius Gentium and International Legal Theory are two highly-esteemed international law publications managed by the Center for International and Comparative Law.

** Should the law school decide to accept the journal as an official publication of the University of Baltimore, however, publication will transition to print and standard subscription fees may apply then.