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The University of Baltimore School of Law
International Law Society Constitution


Section 1

The name of the organization shall be the "International Law Society," hereinafter referred to as "ILS".

Section 2

The term for which ILS is organized shall be perpetual.

ARTICLE II - Philosophy


A just world in which there is respect for human dignity, cultural diversity, and international customs.


To inspire and facilitate legal education, to foster understanding of international perspectives, and to promote diversity and social responsibility of all law students.


To facilitate discussion and lectures on issues and perspectives of international law, to encourage and provide information on international education and exchange programs, to provide open forums for the exchange of ideas, and to promote social responsibility and awareness in every law student.

ARTICLE III - Purposes

The purposes of this Association shall be:

  1. To promote an understanding and recognition of the principles of international law;
  2. To educate others in the principles and purposes of international law and of international organizations and institutions;
  3. To promote the study of international law, thus encouraging a just world order and friendly commerce among the citizens of the world;
  4. To promote the comparative study of the legal systems of the world, thereby fostering communication and understanding among citizens of different nations;
  5. To educate ourselves and others in these areas of knowledge through discussions, speakers, research, publications, exchanges, and other appropriate means and to promote association between lawyers and students from around the world; and,
  6. To engage students in international, national, regional, and local debates and discussions, and to improve the knowledge and experience of members of ILS so that they may better serve and enhance their communities.


ILS shall have all the powers necessary and appropriate for accomplishing its purpose, including the following powers granted to the ILS President and related officers:

  1. To receive, acquire, and dispose of funds and other property, and approve all expenditures;
  2. To pay reasonable compensation and reimbursement for services rendered or expenses incurred on behalf of ILS.
  3. To organize and facilitate discussion, speakers, lectures, debates, and conferences on international law, perspectives, and customs.

ARTICLE V - Membership

Membership in ILS shall be open to all students currently enrolled in the study of law at the University of Baltimore School of Law.

ARTICLE VI - Officers of the Association

Section 1

The principle officers of ILS shall be the President, Vice President for the Day Division, Vice President for the Evening Division, Secretary, Treasurer, and First-Year Representative.

Section 2

All officers shall be elected in the spring semester for the following academic year by a majority vote cast by all members willing and able to cast a vote.

Section 3

The President shall be responsible for organizing all events, overseeing the distribution of funds, coordinating with the other officers and faculty, and any other executive functions as they arise.

Section 4

The Vice Presidents will be responsible for assisting the President and planning activities as they arise.

Section 5

The Secretary will be responsible for recording the events of every meeting and forwarding them to the other members and officers in a timely manner.

Section 6

The Treasurer will be responsible for overseeing and maintaining the finances and distribution thereof for ILS.

Section 7

All officers will be responsible for drafting and updating the constitution and any other documents necessary to the smooth functioning and maintenance of ILS.

Section 8

All officers will be responsible for promoting ILS and its upcoming events, conferences, debates, and speaker series in school and community media.

Section 9

The additional responsibilities of each officer shall be determined and assigned by the President as necessary.

ARTICLE VII - International Programs

ILS shall promote, encourage, and facilitate any and all known internships and study abroad programs to the entire law school community.

ARTICLE VIII - Amendments

This Constitution may be amended by a two-thirds vote of the ILS membership present and voting at any appropriate meeting, as designated and promoted by the President.