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What is CALI?

The interactive computer exercises produced by the Computer-Assisted Learning Institute (CALI) are routinely recommended by some professors as study aids for their classes. Students who find the recommended lessons useful often go on to try others. CALI has lessons in different subject areas, with from one to 15 lessons on each subject. Typically, an exercise poses multiple choice questions based on a fact pattern, then give additional information or advice if the question is answered incorrectly. You can run the lessons at your own pace, quit at any time, and return as many times as you like.

Using CALI 

The CALI exercises are available online.


Where can I get the CALI authorization code (for students)?

The CALI authorization code information is available at the circulation desk and on the S: drive. Log into your UB account, and once you access the S: drive, go to the folder “Law Library.” You will see a file in “.rtf” format.  If you double-click on the file name, it should open in the word processor you have on your PC.