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Scholarly Writing: Ideas, Examples, and Execution, 2d ed. - Jessica L. Clark; Kristen E. Murray
Call Number: Reserve: KF 250.C528 2012

Scholarly Writing for Law Students, Seminar Papers, Law Review Notes and Law Review Competition Papers, 4th - Elizabeth Fajans; Mary R. Falk
Call Number: Reserve: KF250 .F35 2011

Academic Legal Writing:Law Review Articles, Student Notes, and Seminar Papers, 4th ed. - Eugene Volokh
Call Number: Reserve: KF250.V6 2010


SSRN (Social Science Research Network) Submission of Law Student Articles for Publication

Introduction to Basic Legal Citation (LII 2014 ed.) by Peter W. Martin (Cornell)

CALI Lessons

  • ALWD Citation Form (Second Edition)
  • American Law Reports
  • Citation Form for Briefs and Legal Memoranda
  • How to Brief a Case
  • How to Find Case Law Using the Digests
  • Introduction to State and Federal Statutes
  • Learning Legal Analysis Through Its Components: - IRAC
  • Legal Research 101: The Tools of the Trade
  • Legal Research Methodology
  • Researching Federal Administrative Regulations
  • Researching Federal Legislative History
  • Using IRAC to Develop an Objective Memorandum of Law
  • Writing Better Law School Exams: The Importance of Structure