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ALWD Citation Manual   RES KF 245 .A49 2010
American Jurisprudence 2d Am Jur 2d REF. 8A,8B
American Jurisprudence
Legal Forms 2d
  REF. 8B - 9A
American Jurisprudence
Pleading and Practice Forms Annotated
Am Jur Pleading and Practice REF. 9A
American Jurisprudence
Proof of Facts
Am Jur POF REF. 9A
American Jurisprudence
Am Jur Trials REF 10A
American Law Reports A.L.R. 3A-1 through 6
American Law Reports
A.L.R. Digest 3A-1
American Law Reports
A.L.R. Fed. 3A-9, 10
American Law Reports
Atlantic Reporter and Digest A. A. 2d 3B-39-42
Baltimore City Code   Online
Bender's Forms of Discovery   REF. 5B, KF8900
Black's Law Dictionary   REF. 2 (dictionary stand) & RESERVE KF156.B3
Blue Book   RESERVE KF 245.U751
California Reporter % and Digest   3B-38
Code of Federal Regulations C.F.R.

3A-17; FDsys;

Code of Maryland Regulations COMAR REF. 7A; Online
Corpus Juris Secundum C.J.S. REF. 7B - 8A
Current Law Index   Index table, 3rd floor
Decennial, Century and General Digests   3B-14 to 3A15
Examples & Explanations series
See catalog for call number for specific titles
Federal Appendix % Fed. Appx. 3A-30
Federal Cases F. Cas. 3A-36
Federal Digest   3A-24
Federal Practice and Procedure (Wright & Miller)   REF. 6A
Federal Practice Digest   3A-23, 24
Federal Procedural Forms   REF. 4B-5A
Federal Register    
Current few years Fed. Reg. FR 3A-18; Hein Online; FDsys
Vol. 1 forward Fed. Reg. FR MICROFORMS; FDsys; 
Hein Online
Federal Reporter F., F.2d, F. 3d 3A-31-36
Federal Rules of Civil Procedure   RESERVE
KF 8820.A2 W52
Federal Rules Decisions FRD 3A-25
Federal Supplement F.Supp.,
F. Supp. 2d
3A-26 - 3A-29
Form books (general)    REFERENCE
   American Jurisprudence Legal Forms 2d   REF. 8B
   West's Legal Forms   REF. 2B
Hornbooks (current edition):See catalog for call number for specific titles   RESERVE
Lexis/Nexis: Public access Lexis   3rd floor public terminals
Maryland materials:    
Advance Reports & Slip Opinions   RESERVE
Baltimore City Code   ONLINE
Maryland Digest   3A-42, 4B-48
Maryland Law Encyclopedia M.L.E. 3A-42,4B-48
Annotated Code of Maryland   4B-48, 3A-42, RESERVE
Code of Maryland Regulations COMAR REF. 7A; ONLINE
Maryland Register    
current issues Md. Reg. RESERVE; ONLINE
bound volumes Md. Reg. 4B-36
Reporters Md, MdApp 3A-41—3A-42; 4B-44-47
Court Rules MD Rules 3A-42; 4B-48; RESERVE
Modern Federal Practice Digest   3A-23
National Reporter Blue Book   REF. 2B;KF150 .N37
New York Digest   3B-35-36
New York Supplement % N.Y.S., N.Y.S. 2d 3B-36-37
North Eastern Reporter % N.E., NE 2d 3B-36-37
North Western Reporter % and Digest N.W., NW 2d 3B-31-32
Nutshells (current edition)   RESERVE
Pacific Reporter % and Digest P., P. 2d 3B-30
Periodicals (current year)   RESERVE
Periodicals (bound volumes)   4A
Regional reporters %   3B
Regional digests %   with regional reporters
Federal Appendix Fed. Appx. 3A-30
Federal Reporter F., F. 2d., F. 3d 3A-36
Federal Supplement F. Supp. F. Supp. 2d 3A-29
Regional %   3B
state (pre-dating regional reporters)   4C
United States Supreme Court   3A-39
Reserve materials   ask at circulation desk
Agency 2d ..........................
REF KF1345
A Conflict of Laws 2d ..............
Contracts 2d ....................
Judgments 2d .....................
REF KF8990
Property 2d & 3d ................
REF KF 590
Torts 2d & 3d .....................
REF KF1249
  REF. 3,4,5
South Eastern Reporter and Digest S.E., SE 2d 3B-23-25
South Western Reporter %   3B-16-19
Southern Reporter S., S. 2d 3B-20-22
State materials:    
Maryland   3A-42, 4B, some on reserve
other states   4C
Supreme Court Digest, Lawyer's Edition %   3A-40
Supreme Court Digest   3A-39
Supreme Court Reporter S.Ct. 3A-39-40
Supreme Court Reports, Lawyers' Ed. % L.Ed., L.Ed. 2d 3A-40
Understanding… (series) See catalog for call numbers for specific titles   RESERVE
United States Code U.S.C. 3A-21
United States Code Annotated U.S.C.A. 3A-21
United States Code
Congressional and Administrative News
U.S.C.C.A.N. 3A-19-20
United States Code Service U.S.C.S. 3A-20
United States Law Week:    
current U.S.L.W. BNA database
older volumes (1965-2005) U.S.L.W. 3A-38
United States Reports U.S. 3A-37
United States Statutes at Large Stat. 3A-22
Hein Online
United States Treaties & Other International Agreements (GPO) U.S.T. 4E/ Int. Law
KZ 235.3 .A34
Words and Phrases   REF. 10B

% not supplemented after 2008