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Law Faculty Member Named Director of Office of Labor-Management Standards for U.S. Department of Labor

Michael Hayes, associate professor in the University of Baltimore School of Law and a noted expert on employment law, collective bargaining, workplace discrimination and other tenets of labor law, has been appointed by President Obama as a deputy assistant secretary and director of the Office of Labor-Management Standards in the U.S. Department of Labor. He will take an unpaid, three-year leave of absence from the law faculty in order to serve in the position.

Hayes, who has taught at UB for the past 15 years, said the appointment will include working closely with federal labor officials with enforcement and regulatory authority over all aspects of labor and employment in the United States. He will collaborate with these officials on implementing labor and employment policies and initiatives—an experience that he said will "greatly enhance my teaching and scholarship in the field."

School of Law Dean Ronald Weich said the appointment is an important public service and reflects well on the law school.

"As someone who has worked in the federal government myself, I know this will be an exciting and enriching experience for Michael," Weich said. "When he returns to the classroom, Michael's students will benefit from the opportunity to learn from someone with hands-on expertise applying federal labor laws."

Hayes's appointment began on August 12.

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