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Welcome to our new students – 1Ls, LL.M. and transfer students – and welcome back to our returning law students!  We begin this academic year in the bright, bold and beautiful new Angelos Law Center with great anticipation and excitement about the year ahead. This email shares some basic information to get you started.

Strategic Planning and Core Competencies

Over the summer, faculty and staff have not only moved and begun the process of settling into the new building, but we have continued our strategic planning efforts to consider ways to strengthen and enhance the UB law student experience both in and out of the classroom. You will be hearing more about some of these initiatives as the year progresses and plans develop further, but please make sure to read the core competencies adopted by the faculty last year as part of the strategic planning process. First-year students and LL.M.s heard a presentation during orientation from Associate Dean for Academic Affairs Amy Sloan about these core competencies, and all other students can expect to learn more from faculty and staff. UB Law strives to ensure that all students attain these core competencies.

Building Hours and the “Bee” Card

In our new building, the “Bee” card takes on new significance.  It will be worthwhile to carry the Bee card with you, as it will allow you to enter the building during non-public hours, check out books at the library, and provide access to certain locked areas, such as the clinics. The hours for the law school are:


Public Access

Bee Card Access

Monday - Friday

8AM – 8PM

7AM – 11PM


9AM – 6PM

7AM – 8PM


Noon – 6PM

10AM – 11PM

Locker Availability

Currently enrolled J.D. and LL.M. students will be able to rent lockers in the law center during the first two weeks of the school year. Rentals will cost $50 for the period Aug. 19, 2013, through June 1, 2014.  Upon payment of the rental fee, students will be given a key to an assigned locker and will be asked to sign a rental agreement. The dates for locker sign-ups will be announced shortly as will the method of payment.

Building Issues and Information

We expect there will be a host of issues and ideas that will arise as we learn about and live in our new building. We are working with the Office of Technology Services (OTS) to set up a portal where we can share information about progress, and where you also may share any concerns about the building.  For now, an annotated floor plan prepared by library staff will help you find your way around the building, as will a user guide about technology in the building. Both will be posted on the “S” drive.

All the best for a great academic year!

Victoria Schultz
Associate Dean for Administration