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School of Law

Syllabi / First Assignments Spring 2013

Syllabi are listed alphabetically by course name and then by the professor’s name (click on the first letter of the title of your course to go directly to your course). Some professors list additional course material which you also will need to download.

Introduction to Advocacy students may access syllabi from their professor’s TWEN page.

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Administrative Law
Brown K Syllabus - First Assignment

Advanced Legal Internship
Green Syllabus

Advanced Topics in International Law
Sellers Syllabus

American Legal History

Lindsay Syllabus - First Assignment
Meyerson Syllabus - First Assignment

Animal Law
Nemeth Syllabus

Antitrust Law
Lande Syllabus

Attorney Internship
Green Syllabus
Loncarich Syllabus


Bankruptcy & Creditor Remedies
Shafer Syllabus - First Week Assignment

Bench Trial Advocacy
Kratovil Syllabus

Business Organizations
Schwidetzky Syllabus First Class Assignment 
Smalkin Syllabus - First Assignment 

Business Planning Workshop
Markowitz Syllabus



Child and the Family
Babb Syllabus - First Assignment

Children & Constitution Seminar
Holmes Syllabus - First Week Assignment

CICL Fellowes Workshop
Sellers Syllabus

Civil Advocacy Clinic I & II
Hatcher/Loncarich Syllabus - First Assignment

Civil Procedure II

Brown K Syllabus - First Assignment
Koller Syllabus Day & Evening - First Assignment
Shapiro Syllabus - Intro Assignment - Federal Question Assignment

Commercial Law
Rochvarg Day & Evening Syllabus

Community Development Clinic I & II
Lee/Khandhar Syllabus

Comparative Law

Maxeiner Syllabus - First Assignments

Constitutional Criminal Procedure I
Forster Syllabus
Grossman Syllabus
Warnken Syllabus - First Class Assignment

Constitutional Criminal Procedure II
Forster Syllabus
Warnken Syllabus- First Class Assignment

Constitutional Law I
Closius Syllabus - First Assignment - Legal Philosophy - Exam Sample - Notes
Meyerson Syllabus - First Assignments
Peters Syllabus - First Assignments
Samuels Syllabus

Constitutional Law II
Epps Syllabus First Class Assignment
Samuels Syllabus

Bessler Syllabus
Easton Syllabus - First Week Assignment
Holmes Syllabus - First Week Assignment
Meyerson Syllabus - First Week Assignment
Tiefer Syllabus- First Class Assignment

Copyright and the Arts
Hubbard Syllabus First Class Assignment

Criminal Law LLMUS
Anderson Syllabus - First Class Assignment

Criminal Practice Clinic
Shemer/Livingston Syllabus

Critical Legal Theory
Rubinson Syllabus Day & Evening


Disability Law Clinic
Stone/Penn Syllabus

Dispute Resolution Workshop
Lasson Syllabus


Elder Law
Hodes Syllabus

Elective Evidence & Discovery
Berman Syllabus

Employment Discrimination Law
Modesitt Syllabus - First Assignment

Employment Law
Modesitt Syllabus - First Assignment

Environmental Law
Davison Syllabus

Estate Planning
Sidle Syllabus

Estate Planning Workshop
Gerzog Syllabus

Jaros Syllabus - First Assignment
Murphy Joseph Syllabus

Evidence LLMUS
Shapiro Syllabus - Intro Problem - Relevence Problem


Families Law & Literature
Moran Syllabus

Family Law
Murphy Jane Day & Evening Syllabus - First Class Assignment

Family Law Clinic I & II
Goodmark/Cover/Kim Syllabus

Federal Income Tax
Gerzog Syllabus
Schwidetzky Syllabus First Class Assignment

Foreign Taxation
Brown F Syllabus

Forensic Evidence
Rexroad Syllabus

Fundamentals of Federal Income Tax II
Brown F Syllabus



Gender and the Law
Korzec Syllabus   - First Week Assignment

Government Contract Seminar
Tiefer Syllabus - First Class Assignment





Immigrant Rights Clinic I & II
Keyes/Balgamwalla Syllabus - Quigley Letter

Immigration Law
Gossart Syllabus

Innocence Project Clinic I & II
Nethercott Syllabus

International Business Transactions
Maxeiner Syllabus - First Day Assignment

International Law
Grossman N Syllabus - First Week Assignment

Intervention Negotiation Counseling
Battaglia Syllabus
Melton Syllabus

Issues in Law Enforcement

Krawczyk Syllabus


Judicial Internship
Tipton Syllabus


Starger Syllabus - Course Information - First Assignment - Declaration of Independence





Labor Law
Terrasa Syllabus

Law and Disabilities Seminar
Stone Syllabus - First Assignment

Law & Economics
Lande Syllabus

Law & Human Rights
Neal Syllabus - First Assignment

Law & Religion

Lasson Syllabus - First Assignment

Law & Social Reform Seminar
Shafer Syllabus

Legal Research Workshop
Tress Syllabus

Litigation Process
Anderson Syllabus - First Assignment
Richowsky Syllabus
Stephenson Syllabus


Maritime Law
Black/Simmons Syllabus

Maryland Administrative Law

Shock Syllabus

Maryland Civil Procedure
Kent Syllabus
Scott Syllabus

Mediating Family Disputes Lecture
Nussbaum Syllabus - First Assignment

Mediating Family Disputes Seminar
Nussbaum Syllabus - First Assignment

Mediation Clinic for Families I & II
Nussbaum Syllabus - First Assignment

Mediation Skills

Boswell Syllabus
McClellan Syllabus
Reid Syllabus



National Security Law
O'Malley Syllabus

Non-fiction Writing for Law
Epps Syllabus - First Class Assignment




Planning for Families & Seniors
Vallario Syllabus - First Assignment

Products Liability
Korzec Syllabus - First Week Assignment

Professional Responsibility
Richowsky Syllabus (also LLMUS)
Bourne Syllabus


Dolin Syllabus - First Assignment
Holmes Syllabus - First Week Assignment
Hubbard Syllabus - First Class Assignment
Lynch Day & Evening - First Assignment

Property LLMUS
Neal Syllabus - First Assignment


Qualified Pension & Profit Sharing
Kamantauskas-Holder Syllabus


Boswell Syllabus


Sales & Leases
Havard Jones Syllabus - Assignment Group 1
Sparks Syllabus

Securities Regulation
White Syllabus - First Week Assignment

Sentencing & Plea Bargaining
Grossman S Syllabus

Sports Law
Closius Syllabus - First Day Assignment - Negotiation Materials -
Coaches Employment Agreement

State & Local Tax
Laskin Syllabus


Tax Policy Seminar
Estrada Syllabus

Tax Research & Writing
Snyder Syllabus First Class Assignment

Torts I


Transactional Skills Workshop
Havard Jones Syllabus - First Assignment

Trial Advocacy
Belsky Syllabus
Cahill Syllabus
Dilloff Syllabus
Gelfman Syllabus
Glynn Syllabus
Shearer Syllabus

Trusts and Estates
Grace Syllabus
Vallario Syllabus - First Assignment






Wetlands Law
Davison Syllabus

Worker's Compensation
Lafata Syllabus