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Currently, the Supreme Court Mapping Project is by definition focused on the Supreme Court. However, the Mapping Tool does permit users to "turn off" the Supreme Court overlay and use the Y-axis to represent precedent by ways other than the number of votes an opinion receives.

One example of how this non-SCOTUS dimension of the Tool can be used is provided below courtesy of  Chris Fabricant and Sarah Krieger at the Innocence Project. They used the Tool to map state-court doctrine concerning the admissibility of forensic bitemark evidence. They then created the Quicktime movie below to demonstrate the "echo chamber effect" at play in many bitemark admissibility rulings. [Please note: you need Quicktime installed on your browser to view the animation.]

This animation was created using the "slideshow" feature of the Mapping Tool and screen-capture recording software.


If you are interested in non-SCOTUS applications of the Tool, please contact Prof. Starger.