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Professor Robert Rubinson

As a student attorney, you will do everything that practicing lawyers do: interview and counsel clients, engage in fact investigation, negotiate settlements, prepare witnesses, write briefs, pleadings and other documents, represent your client at hearings and trials.
Robert Rubinson
Director of Clinical Education

Participation in our nationally renowned clinical program is one of the many amazing opportunities afforded by the University of Baltimore School of Law. Student attorneys at UB not only learn about the law but are licensed to practice law under the supervision of full-time faculty members. As a student attorney, you will do everything that practicing lawyers do: interview and counsel clients; engage in fact investigation; negotiate settlements; prepare witnesses; write briefs, pleadings and other documents; and represent your client at hearings and trials.

UB offers a broad array of clinics focusing on family law, mediation, general civil litigation, criminal law, disability law and immigration law. Our Community Development Clinic enables students to perform transactional work by representing businesses, nonprofits and community associations.  Students in our Innocence Project Clinic investigate and pursue claims of wrongful imprisonment.  UB student attorneys have made crucial contributions to the lives of clients through litigation, counseling businesses, and legislative and law reform efforts at the state and national level.

Students have represented clients before the Maryland Court of Special Appeals, federal district court, state trial courts, and federal and state agencies. They have successfully represented low-income workers on employment issues, gained the release of an inmate after 10 years of wrongful imprisonment, and succeeded in applications for asylum on behalf of clients from all over the world.

Student lawyers also have acted as counsel for early childhood learning centers by helping them navigate legal issues facing their businesses. Students have contributed to the passage of a range of important legislation, including laws protecting victims of domestic violence and minimizing the risk of illegal eviction.  UB’s clinical program has other dimensions that will enhance your clinical experience.  Clinic students work with full-time UB faculty who are both great lawyers and great teachers. They are nationally recognized leaders in their fields as practitioners, law reform advocates and scholars.  Clinic students also do not merely conduct research or become part of a large team of lawyers.  Students instead take ownership of cases and handle them from start to finish. UB’s clinical experience will make you “practice ready” – a surefire way to enhance your confidence and effectiveness as a lawyer as you begin your legal career.  Please examine our website and online brochure and feel free to contact us with any questions. The more you learn about UB’s clinical program, the more you will see what sets us, and UB, apart.

Robert Rubinson
Professor of Law and Director of Clinical Education