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The UB Center for Medicine and Law

In today's world, doctors and lawyers may connect professionally only when facing each other in the courtroom and often only as adversaries. The Center for Medicine and the Law, with the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions, operates the JHU/UB School of Law Joint Program for Medicine and the Law. The program aims to shift the focus from the courtroom to the classroom by empowering health providers, attorneys and other stakeholders to work together in a collaborative setting on health law issues. Founded in July 2011, the center serves as a resource for health-related professions, policymakers, the media, the public and other academic institutions with similar interests.

What We Do

The center sponsors conferences, research scholarship and educational programs on a variety of key topics at the intersection of medicine and law. Center faculty work together on a range of health law issues, including tort reform, patient safety, intellectual property in the health care industry, access to health care, health insurance reimbursement, international health and bioethics. 

Who We Are 
The JHU/UB School of Law Joint Program for Medicine and the Law is co-directed by Jessica Katznelson, M.D., associate professor at The Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions, and Gregory Dolin, M.D., J.D., associate professor at the UB School of Law and adjunct associate professor of emergency medicine at Hopkins. Natalie Ram, J.D., assistant professor at the UB School of Law, serves as the center's associate director.