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Studies in the History of Law and Justice Book Series


The purpose of this book series is to publish high quality volumes on the history of law and justice.

Legal history can be a deeply provocative and influential field, as illustrated by the growth of the European universities and the ius commune, the French Revolution, the American Revolution, and indeed all the great movements for national liberation through law.  The study of history gives scholars and reformers the models and courage to question entrenched injustices, by demonstrating the contingency of law and other social arrangements. 

Yet legal history today finds itself diminished in the universities and legal academy.  Too often scholarship betrays no knowledge of what went before, or why legal institutions took the shape that they did.  This series seeks to remedy that deficiency. 

Studies in the History of Law and Justice is theoretical and reflective.  Volumes address the history of law and justice from a critical and comparative viewpoint.  The studies in this series offer strong bold narratives of the development of law and justice. 

The series includes monographs focusing on a specific topic, as well as collections of articles covering a theme or collections of article by one author.

Series editor:

Mortimer Sellers, University of Baltimore School of Law
Georges Martyn, University of Ghent

To see the books published in Studies in the History of Law and Justice Series, see Springer.

Book Cover

Studies in the History of Law and Justice 
Eds.: Mortimer Sellers & Georges Martyn