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Student Essay Awards

The Center for International and Comparative Law offers two student essay awards each academic year for papers on topics in international and comparative law. This competition is open to all students in the University of Baltimore School of Law, Merrick School of Business and Yale Gordon College of Liberal Arts.

Recent First Prize Winners:

Maria Surdokas “International Law for American Courts: Why the “American Laws for American Courts” Movement is a Violation of the United States Constitution and Universal Human Rights”
Amanda Webster "The Collective Bargaining Chips are Down: How Wisconsin's Collective Bargaining Restrictions Place the US in Violation of International Labor Laws"
Nathan Volke "Leaving Neverland: Can America Construct a Comprehensive Preventive Detention Policy That Balances Liberty and Security in a World of Terror?"
Arezoo Jamshidi “ICSID’s Jurisdictional Jurisprudence: Legitimacy in the Balance”
Ian Foss "The European Union’s Common Foreign and Security Policy Expressed Through International Organizations"
Ryan Webster "Protecting the World with Supply-chain Contracts: The Use of Contracts to Require Compliance with Labor Conditions and Environmental Standards"
Gillian Flynn “Achieving International Protection of Cultural Property: Proposals for Harmonizing Common Law and Civil Law Approaches”
David Schaffer “A Comparative Analysis of the Aspirations and Flaws of the French and German Headscarf Cases”
Gregory M. Garrett “Protection of the Global Commons Requires A New International Convention”
Michael Morris “Truth in Chemical Weapons Disposal”
Donna Davis “Preemptive Intervention”
Amy Mezewski “European Union Controls in United States Mergers”
Shannon McCormack “Comparative International Taxation”
Kai-Niklas A. Schneider “Export Controls on Encryption Technologies”
  • Awards Presented in Prior Years

    1999 Michele Kendus, "Welfaire and Immigration Reform in the Wake of California Proposition 187"

    1998 Susan John, "Vertical Restraints in the European Union"

    1997 Peter Jackman, "Adoption of a First-to-File Patent System for the United States"

    1996 Sandra M. Aistars-Annus, "Russian Foreign Policy and International Law in the New World Or