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The John Sumner Stead Colloquium provides an opportunity for detailed discussion by scholars, practitioners and public figures of specific issues in international and comparative law.


Profesor Matthew Steilen, SUNY-Buffalo, "On the Place of Judge-Made Law in a Government of Laws"


Professor Nadia de Araujo, PUC-Rio de Janeiro, Brasil, “Family Autonomy in a Globalized World: New Ideas for the Cross-border Recognition and Enforcement of Private Agreements”


Professor Margarida Maria Lacombe Camargo, Professor of Legal Theory at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, “The Use of Scientific Arguments in Law”




Professor Maria Fernanda Salcedo Repolês,   Professor and Director of Graduate Courses (Master and Doctorate degrees) at the Law School of the Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais, Brazil,   “The Recognition of New Social Actors and the Pluralist Challenge to Statutory Law”


Dr. Cesare Pitea, Fellow Researcher in International Law at the University of Parma, "European Union Reception of International Law"


Dr. Alexandre Alkmim Teixeira, Professor of Tax Law at the Pontificia Universidade Catolica de Minas Gerais,  "Static and Dynamic Interpretations of Tax Treaties"


Prof. Maria Fernanda Salcedo Repoles, Professor of Law at Universidade Federale de Minas Gerais, "The Recognition of New Social Actors and the Pluralist Challenge to Statutory Law”




Professor Aniceto Masferrer, Professor of Legal History at the University of Valencia, "May They Rest in Peace - The Death of Natural Rights Origins of Modern Constitutionalism."


Professor Sergio Dellavalle, Professor of General Threory of Public Law at the University of Turin, Associate Member of the Cluster of Excellence on Normative Orders at the University of Frankfurt, and Co-director (with Prof. Dr. Armin von Bogdandy) of the research project "Paradigms of Public Order" at the Max Planck Institute for Comparative Public Law and International Law, Heidelberg. "Diversity, Justice and the Plurality of Legal Norms"


Dr. W. John Hopkins, Associate Professor at the University of Canterbury Law School, Christchurch, New Zealand. "International Law in National Courts: The Example of New Zealand."

Professor Frank Bayreuther, University of Passau, Germany
"Employment Law and the World Financial Crisis: A European Perspective"


Professor Adelyn Wilson, University of Aberdeen School of Law
"Hugo Grotius natural law theory in mid-seventeenth century Scotland"

Professor Raphael Cohen-Almagor, University of Hull, United Kingdom
"Shattered Dreams: The Illusive Search for Peace in the Middle East"


Professor Ilhyung Lee, University of Missouri School of Law
"Internet Domain Name Disputes from a Comparative Perspective"

Professor Sarah Bleichner, University of Aberdeen, School of Law
"Parental Liability for Crimes Committed by Minors"

Professor Nicholas Aroney, University of Queensland, Australia
"Explanatory Power in Constitutional Interpretation"


Professor Elizabeth Campbell, University of Aberdeen School of Law
"Ireland's Recent Legal Responses to Gun Crimes"


Professor Ahmed Mohammed Salih, University of Tikrit, Iraq
Professor Ahmed Mohammed Salih is also a Cultural Advisor at the headquarters for the Provisional Reconstruction Team (PRT) in the Salah Ah-Din Province of Iraq

Professors Ignace Claeys and Joke Baeck, University of Ghent, Belgium
"Termination of Contracts: A Clash Between Civil and Common Law"

Professor Jane Schukoske, Director, Master of Laws in the Law of the United States program, Center for International and Comparative Law, University of Baltimore School of Law, and former Executive Director of the Fulbright Commission in New Delhi, India
"Fulbright Scholarship Opportunities For Students, Faculty and Administrators"


Dr. Jan Klabbers, University of Helsinki
"International Law in the European Court of Justice"

Professor Thushara Kumarage, University of Aberdeen School of Law
"IP Crimes in Developing Countries-Is Passive Resistance against Implementation of Legislation Justifiable?"

Dr. Emmanuel J. Roucounas, Professor Emeritus, University of Athens
“The Limits of Theory in International Law”

Professor Dr. Georges Martyn, University of Gent, Belgium,
“The Rule of Law”


Dr. Michael Plaxton, University of Aberdeen School of Law
“Arguments of Virtue”


Dr. Patrick Masiyakurima, University of Aberdeen School of Law
“Copyright and Compulsory Licensing”


Emanuel Gross, Professor of Law Haifa University
"Law versus Terrorism - Legal and Moral Dimensions"