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Did you know you can spend a semester or a year abroad during your legal studies?

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Students at the University of Baltimore can study at one of the Law School's sister law faculties or other foreign academic institutions for either a semester or a year and still get financial aid.
These programs offer law students the opportunity to learn about foreign legal systems while immersed in the broader cultures that law serves.  Students develop their language and legal skills, expand their international and comparative law knowledge, and broaden their professional relationships within the international community. 
Courses in the semester exchange programs vary depending on the affiliated school.  Current and previous program participants have taken courses in:  European Law, International Commercial Transactions, European Union Trade Policy, International Investment Law, International Commercial Arbitration, International Tax Law, and Trade & Development. Other courses offered could include European Human Rights Law, International Humanitarian Law, EU Governance, International Trade Law, and International Banking and Finance.
Students interested in enrolling for a year or semester abroad should contact Professor Sellers, Director of the Center for International and Comparative Law.