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Take a look at CFCC's publications 

CFCC offers an array of publications, tools, and resources to help communities nationwide solve real-world problems, such as truancy, substance abuse, delinquency and other issues that bring families and children to courts.

     CFCC's Benchbook on Substance Abuse and Addiction for Family Courts               CFCC's Truancy Court Program Toolkit


  • The Benchbook on Substance Abuse and Addiction for Family Courts

    Substance abuse and addiction are major factors in family court proceedings. Yet the problem of substance abuse and addiction remains largely unaddressed in the nation’s family courts. The Benchbook on Substance Abuse and Addiction for Family Courts is an important new work that should be on every family court professional’s desk. It provides information regarding best practices, resources, and science and recommends ways that treatment providers, judges, masters, attorneys and others in the family court system can work together to address substance abuse and addiction. CFCC is currently updating The Benchbook on Substance Abuse and Addiction for Family Courts, and a new edition will be available soon. Email us  to reserve your copy or request an email alert when the Benchbook becomes available

  • Truancy Court Program Toolkit

    CFCC's Truancy Court Program Toolkit, Second Edition provides a step-by-step guide to show you how to start and maintain an effective truancy court program. The Toolkit includes detailed descriptions of the roles of each member of the Truancy Court Program team, including action items and recommendations; step-by-step guide to implementation, from student selection to graduation; comprehensive collection of useful forms, including the school application form, sample invitation letter to parents, consent form evaluation/assessment forms and weekly teacher reports; a guide to commonly encountered legal and social issues and solutions; and the Truancy Court Program Mentor Manual, a separate 32-page book providing specific guidance for a Truancy Court Program Mentor. CFCC's Truancy Court Program Toolkit, Second Edition is currently available. Download the Toolkit Sales Sheet here .

  • Truancy Court Program Implementation Package

    If you are ready to begin a multi-school, comprehensive truancy reduction program, consider the complete Truancy Court Program Implementation Package.It includes five hard copies of the Truancy Court Program Toolkit and Mentor Manual; a customizable electronic copy of program documents; personalized coaching via telephone and e-mail with our CFCC field experts; and a ready-to-use mentor slide presentation. Price: $699.99 plus tax and shipping. Download more information .

  • Technical Assistance

    Intensive technical assistance, including complete operation of a Truancy Court Program or consultation on other juvenile and family court issues, is available from CFCC on a fee basis. Download more information .

  • Reports and Surveys

    o Newsletter and e-newsletters on family justice issues
    o Evaluations
    Reports on family court issues
    o Collection and analysis of data and studies from existing Unified Family Courts.
    o Up-to-date information on Unified Family Court developments

  • Unified Family Court Connection

    CFCC publishes and distributes widely the Unified Family Court Connection – the only newsletter in the country devoted exclusively to Unified Family Courts issues.

  • E-Newsletters

    CFCC publishes two e-newsletters - CFCC's Full Court Press and the Truancy Court Program E-Newsletter . Sign up to receive these e-newsletters directly in your inbox.

  • CFCC Brochure

    CFCC's brochure provides a snapshot of CFCC’s reform mission, theoretical foundations, accomplishments, and services.  It features insights from law students, judges, and attorneys that have been involved with CFCC's work, including Maryland Court of Appeals Chief Judge Robert M. Bell .

  • DVDs

    CFCC has produced and offers free of charge two DVDs for distribution to jurisdictions interested in Unified Family Courts and in the center's Truancy Court Program.

    “Unified Family Courts: Efficient, Effective, Responsible” puts a human face on the Unified Family Court model and contrasts this court with a traditional fragmented court system.

    “Truancy Court Program: Changing One Child's Life at a Time” illustrates the operation of and highlights the benefits to families and children from participating in CFCC's Truancy Court Program.

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