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  • Administrative Assistant II?

    November 28,2012 Christopher Gibson started as an Administrative Assistant II for the Center for Families, Children, and the Courts. He has embarked on new challenges to include website design/maintance. Learning this new responsibility is going to be fun and stressful because he does not quite know what the full functions of all of the tabs that he will be using.

  • Greetings Miss Gibson,

    I am charged with establishing/implementing some type of Media Strategy that will help with bringing more exposure and resources to the University of Baltimore School of Law, Center for Families, Children, and the Courts (CFCC)  Truancy Court Program. The main goal of the  TCP is to create, foster, and support local, state, and national communities, families, and the justice system to improve the lives of families and the health of the community.

  • Behavior plays a significant part in the inability for many of our youth to express their true and innermost feelings/emotions.

    I was brainstorming with the idea of the CFCC and the School of Communications Design joining forces to help establish/implement a communication and media program that provides the necessary tools/resources needed for positive expression to be shared among all schools (first in our TCP program and then possibly expand throughout the entire Baltimore City Public School System).Tation exerci, accumsan euismod sed qui iriure hendrerit molestie esse ut facilisi lorem augue dolore exerci illum. Quis, at amet ut vulputate odio luptatum dolore et in. Nostrud, nisl minim. Ex adipiscing enim eum lobortis ullamcorper feugiat, consequat vero in. Elit commodo eros sit facilisi ut dolor molestie ut. Suscipit quis facilisis duis quis ut nibh feugait duis esse sciurus velit diam sciurus elit eum tation tincidunt.

  • I believe that with your help, together we can improve student.

    I believe that with your help, together we can improve student communication, performance, truancy/delinquency, graduation rates, and grow our exposure within the Baltimore Community as being the first choice upon graduating from their perspective high schools.