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What the center offers for current students:

  • The Center offers a course: Special Topics in Applied Feminism. This course is team taught by numerous school of law faculty and covers a range of subjects.  
  • The Center coordinates with the Career Development Office to serve as a career and internship advising resource career for students interested in working on gender issues in the legal and legislative arenas.
  • The Center sponsors an advanced clinical course in legislation for students who have previously taken the Civil Advocacy or Family Law in-house clinics at the law school. Students will work on legislation focusing on gender issues in the State of Maryland.
  • The Center is undertaking an initiative to address issues relating to gender in law school for law students and to support efforts by academic advising to ensure student success.
  • The Center connects with the Center for International and Comparative Law and international law students in our LL.M. program to engage in dialogues about international and human rights issues relating to gender around the world.
  • The Center supports recruiting efforts by the Admissions Office for students interested in gender studies and invites prospective students to Center events.
  • The Center ensures faculty advising for student organizations interested in issues relating to gender.
  • The Center ensures faculty advising for Advanced Legal Research papers by students writing on gender issues.


Opportunities Announcements 

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