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For more information regarding the Center, please contact one of the Co-Directors:

Prof. Gilman headshot

Prof. Johnson headshot

Michele Estrin Gilman

Venable Professor of Law

Margaret E. Johnson

Associate Professor






Faculty Associates:

Gilda Daniels, Assistant Professor of Law
Gloria Danzinger, Senior Fellow, 
Garrett Epps, Professor of Law
Nienke Grossman, Associate Professor of Law
Dan Hatcher, Professor of Law
Cassandra Harvard, Professor of Law
Elizabeth Keyes, Assistant Professor of Law 
Garrett Epps, Professor of Law
Dionne L. Keller, Associate Professor of Law
Jaime Alison Lee, Assistant Professor of Law 
Matthew LindsayAssistant Professor of Law
Nancy ModesittAssociate Professor of Law
Jane Murphy, Professor of Law
Odeana R. NealAssociate Professor of Law
Adeen Postar, Director, Law Library
Elizabeth Samuels, Professor of Law
Colin Starger, Assistant Professor of Law
Barbara White, Professor of Law

Other University of Baltimore Faculty:

Christopher Justice, Director of Expository Writing, School of Communications Design
Christine S. Spencer, Associate Professor, School of Public Affairs
Heather Wyatt-Nichol, Assistant Professor, School of Public Affairs
Betsy Yarrison, Assistant Professor, Division of Legal, Ethical and Historical Studies

Staff Associates:

Rosalind Williams, Administrative Assistant

Student Associates:

Students Supporting the Women's Law Center