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School of Law

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For more information regarding the Center, please contact one of the Co-Directors:

Professor Michele Gilman                        Professor Leigh Goodmark                      Professor Margaret Johnson

Michele Estrin Gilman                      Leigh Goodmark                              Margaret E. Johnson
Professor of Law                              Professor of Law                             Associate Professor
email                                              email                                               email
410-837-5656                                  410-837-5639                                  410-837-5779


Gilda Daniels , Assistant Professor of Law

Garrett Epps , Professor of Law

Dan Hatcher, Associate Professor of Law

Cassandra Havard , Associate Professor of Law

Rebecca Korzec , Professor of Law

Audrey McFarlane , Professor of Law

Jane Murphy , Professor of Law

Barbara White , Professor of Law

Other University of Baltimore Faculty

Christopher Justice, Director of Expository Writing, School of Communications Design
Christine S. Spencer, Associate Professor, School of Public Affairs
Heather Wyatt-Nichol, Assistant Professor, School of Public Affairs
Betsy Yarrison, Assistant Professor, Division of Legal, Ethical and Historical Studies

Staff Associates:

Brittmy Martinez, Administrative Assistant, Family Law Clinic
D. Jill Green, Director, Attorney Practice and Internship Program, Associate Director for Law Career Development
Elizabeth Rhodes, Reference & Faculty Liaison, Law Library

Student Associates:

Students Supporting the Women's Law Center