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Panel I:  Reducing Harassment, Violence, and Retaliation in the Workplace

Using the NFL as Model? Considering Zero Tolerance in the Workplace for Batterers
Deseriee A. Kennedy, Professor of Law, Touro Law Center
“Ain’t I A Woman?”: Feminism and the Fight for Equality for Immigrant Women Workers
Shirley Lin, Attorney, Outten & Golden
Through a Different Lens: Using Masculinities Research to Interpret Title VII
Ann C. McGinley, Professor of Law, UNLV Law School
Addressing Violence against Women in the Workplace
Robin Runge, Associate Professorial Lecturer in Law, George Washington University Law School
Panel II:  Enhancing Economic Security for Women Workers

Just Jobs
Anita Bernstein, Professor of Law, Brooklyn Law School
A Post-Gender Tax Code?: Rethinking the Challenge of Gender Discrimination and Taxation
Tessa Davis, Assistant Professor of Law, University of South Carolina School of Law
Satanists, Scott Walker, & Contraception: A Partial Account of Hobby Lobby’s Implications for State Law
Kara Lowentheil, Research Fellow and Director, Public Rights/Private Conscience Project, Columbia Law School
Engaging with Family Law Reform to Advance Women’s Economic Security
Lisa V. Martin, Director of the Experiential Curriculum and Clinical Assistant Professor, Columbus School of Law, The Catholic University of America
Panel III:  Reimagining Work and Understanding Gender Equity within Work’s Future Frontiers

Robots as Labor Creating Devices: Robotic Technologies and the Expansion of the Second Shift
Ann Bartow, Professor of Law, Pace Law School
Millennial Feminisms: How the Newest Generation of Lawyers May Change the Conversation about Gender Equality in the Workplace – Without Even Trying
Meghan M. Boone, Clinical Teaching Fellow, Georgetown University Law Center
Broken Down Barriers, Same Old Roadblocks: Why Has Greater Representation in the Legal Profession Not Equaled Increased Success for Women and People of Color in the Private Sector?
Jennifer L. Kent, Attorney, The Law Offices of Joshua M. Ambush
Foster Parenting as Work
Hannah Roman, Acting Assistant Professor of Lawyering, New York University School of Law