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Two Pathways to a U.S. Law Degree

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Baltimore is in the heart of the Mid-Atlantic Region of the United States. Our location provides our students with access to local, national and international law firms, as well as state and federal agencies and the courts.

Being a law student means more than just going to class and learning the law. Law students must also learn to practice law.

At University of Baltimore School of Law, we provide our students with many opportunities to learn the practice of law. Practical learning starts in the classroom and continues in externships and in clinical programs.

All J.D. students are required to complete at least 6 credits of experiential learning, but most students choose to complete more.

International students can either apply directly to the J.D. program, or they can apply to the LL.M program with the option to transfer into the J.D. program.

Details on each pathway are below:

Direct Admission to J.D. Program

This is the traditional pathway to a U.S. law degree.  Applicants admitted to the J.D. program will join a class of approximately 200 students from the across the U.S. who are pursuing the J.D.  The advantages to direct admission include earlier integration into the UB J.D. community, the ability to participate in the EXPLOR program after the first year and the award of academic scholarships for those who qualify.  The admissions process is the same as that of a U.S. based J.D. applicant.  This includes submission of a valid LSAT score.  

Applicants without a first degree in law must apply directly to the J.D. program.  Applicants with a first degree in law can choose to directly apply to the J.D. program.  

Learn more about the J.D. program and the application process.

Admission to the LL.M and Transfer to the J.D.

Applicants who have a first degree in law have the opportunity to transfer to the J.D. program after completion of the LL.M. in The Law of the United States. Admission to the J.D. is guaranteed if the student completes the LL.M. with a GPA of 3.0 or higher.  

Learn more about the LL.M. and the application process.