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Waitlisted Students


Applicants placed on a waitlist are encouraged to visit this page for updates. As your status changes, the Office of Law Admissions will update you by mail or by e-mail.


The size of the waitlist changes throughout the year. By April 15, the waitlist is about 250 students—200 day and 50 evening. We do not rank the waitlist.

Near the end of April, you will receive an e-mail requesting that you confirm your continued interest.

We begin admitting waitlisted students in May. The number selected will depend upon how many admitted applicants pay the seat deposit by April 15.


In early June we again request that you confirm your interest.  We continue to admit some students from the waitlist. In July and August we select applicants from the waitlist as needed. This process will continue until orientation.

The last day that we admit waitlisted applicants is Aug. 14. You will continue to receive e-mail correspondence regarding the continued interest in remaining on the waitlist.

We analyze the incoming class on a continuing basis and use that analysis to determine which applicants to select from the waitlist. Generally, applicants with higher GPAs are selected. Your level of interest in the school is important.


Please notify the University of Baltimore School of Law's Office of Law Admissions if any of your contact information changes.