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Why am I admitted conditionally?

You meet all of the requirements for admission but  the Committee has decided that your interest would be best supported by a reduced courseload in the first semester.

How many credits will I take?

You enroll for 13 credits in the fall semester and 16 in the spring. During the summer, you take Criminal Law, a required first year course.

When will I take classes?

You will take a selection of classes from the day course offering.   

Will I be a full time student after the first year?

Yes, you will earn the correct number of credits for full time status by the end of the academic year.

What academic support will I receive?

During your first semester, you will participate in a comprehensive academic support program covering note-taking, outlining and exam skills. It also includes peer mentoring and tutoring.

Since I am taking less credits, can I work during the semester?

A 13 hour course load is considered full time. You must follow the America Bar Association student employment requirements which limits you to no more than 15 work hours per week.