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Casual shot from the annual Angelos gala

Each year, a gala is held in support of the Fannie Angelos Program for Academic Excellence. The event, held in November in an opulent setting, features dinner, drinks, and wonderful speakers from throughout Maryland's legal community. It is a celebration of our unique, history-making Program.

You can join in this annual celebration of our Program. We welcome your support.

Contact Lenora Giles at or 410.837.5184 to purchase tickets for or sponsor the 2017 Annual Gala.


  • Gala casual shot
    relax a little

    Fannie Angelos students take a night off from their legal studies to socialize with their peers and mentors at the gala. But tomorrow it's back to the books!

  • UB President Kurt Schmoke
    ub President schmoke believes

    “It has been a joy for me to meet with students who have participated in the program," says University of Baltimore President Kurt Schmoke, here pictured delivering remarks at the 2016 gala. "They will be leaders in their communities and leaders in the profession of law.”

  • Gala casual shot
    see ... and be seen

    Let's be honest: A gala is a great place to let yourself shine. Clearly, our students know that.

  • Gala casual shot
    turned out for the evening

    The Fannie Angelos Program for Academic Excellence's annual gala is much more than a party. It's a true celebration of who our students are, and what they will become. Are we proud of them? Absolutely!

  • Gala casual shot

    The metropolitan legal community is tightknit, supportive—and highly respectful of the UB School of Law. People show up at the gala, and instant bonds are formed. After all, we've all been through the rigors of law school, and we've all been tested as lawyers and advocates. We believe in ourselves ... and in each other!