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Esosa Aimufua
2014 Baltimore Scholar

"I heard about the Fannie Angelos program through an alumna and I began preparing. I hope to attain skills, especially critical thinking skills, beneficial in a wide range of fields."



Undergraduate School: Morgan State University
Status: Senior
Anticipated graduation year: 2015
Undergraduate Major: Political Science
Hometown: Upper Marlboro, MD


"I am prepared to commit time and honest effort to ensure my success in this program. I hope to challenge myself in a way that would make me a fast, logical thinker and writer."


  • 2014 University of Baltimore School of Law Scholar
  • Treasurer, Alpha Lambda Delta Honor Society, Morgan State University, February 2012- Present
  • Member of PI GAMMA MU International Honors Society
  • President of the International Affairs Club
  • Senator for the class of 2014
  • Secretary, Student Government Association, March 2012- Present
  • Political Science Association, September 2011-Present
  • International Students Association, August 2011- Present
  • French Honors Society, August 2009-Present
  • African Students Association, August 2005-May 2011
  • Tutor and mentor students in the Academic Enrichment Program to ensure their academic success
  • Access Orientation Peer Mentor, June 2013- present
  • Volunteer, Morgan's 5K Run, Morgan State University
  • Volunteer, Red Cross Blood Drive
  • Volunteer, Team Up To Clean Up
  • Volunteer Sacred Heart Senior Home
  • Volunteer, Herring Run stream clean up
  • Volunteer, Nakia Ngwala Campaign, 2011



“A law degree interests me because I can use a law degree to pursue a career in public policy, public relations, law or business and management. My main interest is not to simply become a lawyer, but to be trained to think and write logically, concisely and clearly."

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