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Benda Kathurima
2012 Baltimore Scholar

“I am intrigued by qualities of the justice system such as its challenging disposition and its requirement of analytical thinking.”



Undergraduate School: Coppin State University
Status: 2L University of Maryland-Carey School of Law
Anticipated graduation year: Spring 2016
Undergraduate Major: Management Science
Hometown: Gaithersburg MD



“My passion for education, fairness and advocacy coupled with my ability to effectively argue are qualities I believe will drive my success in law school.”


  • 2012 University of Baltimore School of Law Baltimore Scholar
  • National Consortium of Criminal Justice College Educators Conference - Research Presenter
  • Treasurer, Parts of Peace
  • Dean's List
  • SGA Secretary
  • Sigma Beta Delta Honor Society- 2012 Inductee
  • Honors College Eagle Scholar
  • School of Management Science and Economics Dean Scholarship
  • Student Senate Publis Affairs Coordinator
  • Treasurer, Student Activities Board
  • Daley Hall Volunteer Tutor
  • HBCU Summit on Retention Panelist
  • Gladys Collenton Scholarship
  • Ivy Vine Charities Scholarship
  • Honors College Research Conference- Research Presenter
  • Friends of Coppin Ceremony- Student Speaker


“I hope that my success in law school will illustrate to those around me that achievement of any endeavor is possible when coupled with hard work and determination.”