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Annice Brown


Annice Brown
2012 Baltimore Scholar

“I believe that I will be successful because my thoughts are high and my willingness to work is strong. I firmly believe as long as I obtain these things I will excel in not only the Baltimore Scholars Program, law school and the legal profession, but in life.”



Undergraduate School: University of Maryland Eastern Shore
Status: 2L University of Baltimore School of Law
Anticipated graduation year: Spring 2016
Undergraduate Major: Sociology
Hometown: Baltimore MD



“I have an extremely strong work ethic and put one hundred percent effort into anything that I feel is beneficial and serves a purpose.”


  • 2012 University of Baltimore School of Law Baltimore Scholar
  • National Honor Society
  • Dean's List
  • Harlan and Mary O. Hummell '31 Rainer Memorial Endowed Award
  • Vice President, Phenomenal Women
  • Study Abroad, Quito Ecuador 2010
  • Meals on Wheels
  • Ubuntu Mentor



“I firmly believe in our constitution and our nation's basic premise that everyone should have access to the American Dream.  My primary motivation for the acquisition of a law degree is the reformation of our nation's immigration policies. ”